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The Trinity Partnership

Local Governing Body

Chair of Governor's Welcome

On behalf of the Trinity Partnership Local Governing Body (LGB), I would like to warmly welcome you to our website, where you will be able to explore and find out more about our three schools; Duchy of Lancaster, Norman and Weeting.  The Trinity Partnership is part of the family of the Diocese of Ely Multi Academy Trust (DEMAT), which is the Multi Academy Trust established in 2013 to be the home for Diocese of Ely Church of England schools who become academies.

Our vision is The Trinity Partnership embodies the strength and unity of three schools working as one. The Trinity Partnership aims to engage across schools, churches and communities, working in partnership with DEMAT, governors and school leaders to ensure that life is lived in all its fullness as unique children of God.

And is underpinned by our three strands of

  1. Valuing every child
  2. Nurturing holistically 
  3. Growing and learning together in partnership

We are a very committed LGB and we are governors because we want our children to receive the very best quality of education possible, through the quality and breadth of the curriculum taught as well as through high quality teaching for all children.

Our voluntary leadership role is essential in ensuring we put in place and carry out effective checks and balances to ensure rigorous monitoring takes place, we can understand and check what and why things are happening and do this with and independently from the Headteacher.

We understand our strategic and local governance responsibilities through the Trust’s scheme of delegation, and ensure with the support of the Trust, we can carry out these roles and responsibilities effectively.

As governors we are very proud of our children, our staff, our Christian ethos and our schools. 

Kindest regards,


Rebecca Ireland-Curtis, Trinity Partnership Chair of Governors