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The Trinity Partnership

Trinity Partnership Governors

 The following shows who our are governors are, there date of appointment and term of office is in brackets after their name:

Chair of Governors (DEMAT Appointment)
Mrs Ann Pope (1-9-2015 for 4 years)
Executive Head Teacher (Ex officio)
Mrs Carole Reich
3 Vice Chair from Parent Governors of each school
Mrs Alison Wilson (1-9-2015 for 4 years)
Norman School (Vacancy)
Mr Paul Wortley (1-9-2015 for 4 years)
Deputy Executive Head Teacher
Mr Mark King (W) (no vote)
Parent Governors (2 from each school)
Mr David Copeland (D) (1-9-2015 for 4 years)
Mr Mark Goodall (D) (10-5-2017 for 4 years)
Mrs Helen Childerhouse (W) (1-3-2017 for 4 years)
Mrs Alison Wilson (W) (1-9-2015 for 4 years)
Vacancy (N)
Vacancy (N)
Staff Governor (1 from each school)
Vacancy (D)
Vacancy (W)
Vacancy (N)
6 Community Governors (from local area)
Mrs Gill Price (1-9-2015 for 4 years)
Mrs Ann Howarth (1-9-2015 for 4 years)
Mr Roger Preston (1-9-2015 for 4 years)
Mr Paul Wortley (1-9-2015 for 4  years)
2 Incumbents (Ex officio)
Rev. Joan Horan (Northwold & Weeting) 
Rev. Ken Waters (Methwold))
Clerk to Governors
Mrs Sally Batchelder