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The Trinity Partnership

Standards & Ethos: Behaviour, Safety & SMSC Working Party

This working party is made up of the following governors:

Joan Horan

Ann Howarth

Mark King

Ken Waters

This groups will focus on monitoring the SMSC*, Behaviour and Safety of children in the schools.

  • The Safeguarding Governor is responsible for monitoring Safeguarding practice and training, ensuring relevant policies are up to date and implemented.
  • The Attendance Governor who will monitor attendance and work with the Head Teacher to promote good attendance and deal with persistent absentees.
  • The actions the school take to reduce bullying will be explored with this group and together the ethos of the school will be promoted within and outside the school. 
  • Learning Walks will focus on Behaviour around the school and how this can be celebrated.
  • They will work with the parents to ensure good behaviour is celebrated and publicity is sought.
  • Contribution to School self-evaluation process.
  • The faith life of the school
  • Our links with the community
  • Our links with those from other faiths & cultures
  • The promotion of equality & narrowing the gaps
  • Promotion of health living:
    • Healthy Eating
    • Physical Education
    • Sex Education
  • Charitable giving
  • Links with local churches
  • Gaining publicity for the school
  • School Council overview / observations
  • Link with PTFA/Parent/Friends groups
  • Contribution to School Self-evaluation process.
  • Implementing learning walks focusing on these aspects

*SMSC = Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural