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The Trinity Partnership

English - The Trinity Partnership Way

1. English including Guided Reading will be taught daily.

2. Each classroom will have:

     English Working Wall (KS1 and KS2), which will contain:

  • ‘This week we are learning…’
  • Topic specific vocabulary.
  • Learning sequence made explicit.
  • Examples of ‘What a good one looks like’ work and handwriting.
  • Book area – including topic specific books sourced from school library.

3. Teachers will follow the Trinity Partnership Literacy and Handwriting and Presentation curriculum.

4. Use Trinity Partnership curriculum map to ensure progression and coverage.

5. English books will:

  • KS2 to have the long date underlined using a ruler at the beginning of each new piece of work.
  • Contain an indication of the intended learning (not necessarily through children copying out a title or L.O.)
  • Continuous Cursive handwriting evident.
  • Demonstrate pride in learning.